Kevin Doucette

Kevin Doucette is the director of North American trade policy and compliance at C.H. Robinson. In this role, Kevin oversees the external consulting division (trade policy), the internal export corporate compliance department, and both the internal supply chain security divisions for C-TPAT and TSA.

Kevin is experienced and well versed in the areas of U.S. import and export compliance and supply chain security. Prior to joining C.H. Robinson, he was a manager at a leading international and regulatory compliance consulting firm and worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies. Kevin has been at the forefront of the supply chain security movement and is credited with helping hundreds of importers and their supply chain partners prepare for and obtain C-TPAT certification and validation, both in the U.S. and abroad.

Kevin is a licensed customs house broker, and a member of C.H. Robinson’s Corporate Compliance Council.